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by identifying and aligning their workplace values

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24 days of journaling + email support with transformative questions designed to help you find clarity in your career. 

2024 Career Clarity Journal

I help individuals and businesses elevate wellbeing and prevent burnout by identifying and aligning their workplace values.

As a former therapist and social worker, as well as a PhD student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I take a holistic approach to wellbeing at work. This includes:

  • You
  • Your Role
  • Your Work Environment

I'm Kelsea

Ready to change your approach to work?

owner and chief happiness officer of The Seamless Coach LLC - and I am your workplace values expert. 

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1:1 Coaching


Custom support for wellbeing at work, burnout, and leadership

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Identify your own workplace values and understand how they fit into wellbeing at work.

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A planner to help you seamlessly navigate work-life boundaries.

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It's time to align your business to your values, both personally and professionally.


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"Since working with you, I honestly feel like a different person."

" I quit my job, took a career break, and prioritized my mental and emotional well-being before beginning the job search. That alone is something I wouldn't have done before working with you. I made a career transition to a creative career I'm super excited about the possibilities for growth and where it will lead in the future but also having fun with the process now. Mindset-wise, I always wanted to have a growth mindset, but I definitely didn't, and I can finally say that I feel that more days, I have more of a growth mindset and approach challenges with more ease, self-trust, and self-confidence than I did before working with you.”

- MM

“Before working with you I was very emotional at work and didn’t even realize it."

Shame, frustration, disappointment, and anger were way heavier than the actual work. I was constantly drained by my emotions and unable to see the actual problems clearly. Now, I have a better relationship with my manager and my work, more self-satisfaction and therefore less stress, increased productivity, decreased mental fatigue, and I’m more well rounded.”

- CP

"You created a safe space I didn't know I needed."

“Before working with you I was overwhelmed, anxious, looking for a way out, and the confidence & tools to do so in my past position. The burnout was constant, and I was not enjoying my work. You were so warm and inviting. You listened to my story and were comfortable with my vulnerability. You created a safe space I didn't know I needed. As we spent more time together, I knew I would leave ready for the next steps we set together. And now, I left my past job, spent months focusing on myself, and finally found my dream job that I am currently in.”

- KE

"Now I can honestly say that our company is the healthiest it has ever been internally."

“Kelsea has worked with my entire staff over this last year. Prior to coaching with her our team was scattered, going in different directions, not following through, and getting burnt out. Now I can honestly say that our company is the healthiest it has ever been internally. Our leadership was rearranged and better defined, and our management is productive, trustworthy, and accountable. And our staff is happier and more consistent. The momentum that has been building is substantial and it’s just the beginning. One of my favorite quotes is “a rising tide lifts all ships” Kelsea has been the one rising the tide, lifting the bar, changing the standard in which we operate. I’m so grateful.”

- Ashley from RE PIXS