about kelsea

I help individuals and businesses elevate wellbeing and prevent burnout by identifying and aligning their workplace values.

As a former therapist and social worker, as well as a PhD student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I take a holistic approach to wellbeing at work. This includes:

  • You
  • Your Role
  • Your Work Environment

I find it's not often issues concerning employee wellbeing and burnout that address the ROOT cause, which we know isn't just about the workload. Made famous by stating "You can't self-care or vacation your way out of burnout" - I specialize in helping people understand what wellbeing at work truly means, how to cultivate it using their values, and how to use tools that create sustainability. 

I'm Kelsea

hey there!


fun facts about me

I’m a pizza connoisseur
Birkenstock enthusiast
Lover of ranch
Mom to a 3 year old
Military Spouse
I’m from Oregon
I started my career in mental health as a serial job hopper. From one move to the next, I always felt I was missing “something”. Either I enjoyed the work, but the mission didn’t align, or I didn’t love the work and I loved the people.

I was constantly searching for a perfect fit, and it wasn’t until I realized this was because I was unclear on my workplace values. I was always pursuing a “title” or role, without considering the work environment or the impact on my personal life. 

my story

Once I realized what my workplace values were, and what was misaligned, I made the tough decision to leave therapy as a clinical supervisor and move into working with small businesses.

There, I flourished being able to have more autonomy, agency over where I worked, flexibility, and more personal connections with team members.

As time went on, I realized this process was something many people needed help with, and many companies are unaware of it as it relates to employee wellbeing. 

That sparked my journey into The Seamless Coach LLC and now I get to help others understand more about workplace values and how they create clarity and improve wellbeing at work.

On top of this, I also re-engaged in my PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with an emphasis on workplace values.